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Dream Theory is the idea that one's experiences are not occurring in the truest sense of reality, rather they are purely internally developed stories created by the mind to explain the information and sensations it processes.


released January 29, 2017



all rights reserved


en-decay Raleigh, North Carolina

entropy in decay,
empathy quick to fade.

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Track Name: parking_decks
Parking decks are always here, even when you're not.
Track Name: creation_story
Just give some me time
To construct my mind
It’ll take mirrors and light

Forgive my mistakes
When I rush to create
This world around us

I’ll find a line
That connects me to your mind
Written in the form of memory

The words are quite clear,
I think you just fear,
Their meaning when strung together
Track Name: what_you_notice
And I can see, depends on just what you notice
And I can bleed, depends on just what you call this
Either way I don't think you can control this.
I know the thoughts that drift in and out, don't doubt this.

Doubt this.

Its what you say, the words and do they mean oh anything?
I live my life and I die in the same damn moment.
I pull together like I may just get through this.
I don't know the language to get me right to it
I know you say, I know you say you still got me
You tell me you gon' get and catch me.
And how that be? How that work like anything you tell me?
You say the words but I don't think they mean no nothing.
Don't mean no nothing.
Don't mean no nothin'
Track Name: disease
Maybe tomorrow
I’ll drown all my sorrows
And finally be free of this disease
And live my life in peace
Solve this problem
Won’t you solve me?

I curse my lungs
Strangling the breath out
And putting myself into danger
Why choose the thing that’ll stop me from choosing?
What’s free will if you only make bad decisions?

Let me fill my blood with chemicals
Those short breaths against my neck (why don't you see me?)
Living life easy but living just to die?
Truth is, I could never tell you why.

Can’t sip unless there’s something to follow
40 ounce wedge to split me from my lover
Crawl back into bed wait til' tomorrow
Just hope you wake up with someone who loves you

Hi my name is cyrus and I’m an alcoholic
I said my name is cyrus and I’m an alcoholic
Yes the name is cyrus, I’ve been the one in hiding
The name? Call me cyrus, light so pure it blinds me
Track Name: day_dreaming
Day dreaming
Day dreaming
Of someone like you.
Day dreaming
Day dreaming
Of someone who's true.

But you don't see me,
No you don't see me,
It seems you've grown blind.

You could hold me,
Get to know me,
But you've run off inside.

I wish you would notice
I can't control this,
My wandering mind.

This is ok
I've learned the way
There's something about you I wish to find.

Cuz when I
look into the mirror
I see you.